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Lead Generation Dublin

How To Stand Out Like An Honest Man in Dáil Éireann

If you want your business to stick out like an honest man in Dáil Éireann then what I got to say today will be of interest…

Now unless you’ve spent Christmas and the New Year hemped up on goofballs and drunk on yellow pack cognac, then you’ll know for the last few weeks I’ve been quietly reviewing a set of books essential to any serious business owner.

So let’s see how you might use these books to further your own wicked ends…

Well, imagine you had a brainwave one day wolfing down your morning Frappuccino…

…how it’d be a good idea to have an efficient and affordable system which draws high value customers into your business ready to repeatedly give you money…

Sort of like your own little marketing “gumball” machine…

One that lets you put money in, and gives a predictable and solid return out..

A system which eliminates mindless marketing grunt work and manual labour.

But whom would this “magic machine” target?

Well… presenting a compelling, relevant message to a carefully defined demographic makes sense, rather than trying to be all things to all people….and ending up meaning nothing to nobody.

This will ensure your customers present less price resistance, less hassle and suck up less of your precious time. It’s the 20% sweet-spot of your target market that brings you 80% of your return.

So you spend weeks plotting a lead generation system starting with a 3 step lead generation postcards sequence which you hope will get qualified prospects to raise their hand and say, ”Yes..I’m interested…tell me more!”..

Alas, your campaign bombs.

Turns out your postcards need more oomph. More emotional hot buttons need to be squeezed. You need to create more itches only you can scratch.

You tweak, adjust and preen your copy until you get a response rate in the high teens.

But then….you hit a snag.

Sean, your business partner reckons your 3 step lead generation campaign is too “in your face” and will scare potential customers away, despite having no evidence this is so.

He’s insisting on a brand consultant to build a solid brand image for the company, which he hopes will inspire enough warm fuzzy feelings in your prospects so they’ll purchase your product.

But you know better. With lame “Big Dumb Company” marketing looming large on the horizon, you gotta move quickly to head it off at the pass.

You need for Sean to see your point of view..

You must become a person of Influence.

You explain the principles behind high converting direct response design, using proven factual studies from Type and Layout rendering any arguments for unnecessary prettiness null and void…

Boom. It’s a goer.

Your marketing machine is cranking out hot and hungry leads and even Sean is happy. Leads are coming in thick and fast but now you have a new problem: too much business is coming in the door.

Things have moved quite quickly and frankly — you’ve been caught on the hop.

So you decide your entire life needs an organisational overhaul.

From how you process your emails in the morning to picking the kids up from school, you place it all in the hands of system which helps you get it all done.

Emboldened by your crystal clear clarity you decide to up the ante. It’s time to scale up your marketing efforts with pay per click advertising, starting with Google Adwords to drive qualified, interested buyers to your site.

But your market is brutal; a den of vipers all waiting their sink their poisonous fangs into whomever is unfortunate to stray into their nest.

You need an edge.

You need to make your message stand out from the baying online hordes. You need to get your copywriting A-Game on..

You’ve taken on the snakes and won, and there you stand victorious, top of the online traffic pile.

Now, you could conceivably take the time to do all this backbreaking work and…

….labour intensely over the right profit producing headlines..

….tweak your landing page and website design so prospects are putty in its hands…

….obsess over the right layout for your sales letters, landing pages and websites..

….blast out copy that understands their secret desires, hopes, and fantasies…

or burn the midnight oil crunching the numbers to bring down your Adwords cost per click to less than a few widow’s mites..

You could do all of those things and a helluva lot more besides, and see great results..

Or you could entrust your lead generation needs to a professional who understands intuitively how to construct a system which converts like an atheist at the base of an erupting volcano.

Tell me this..

How much is your time worth to you?

Is it worth that little that you would use your time engaged in activities that aren’t your stock in trade?

Time that could be better spent treating your patients, or devoting yourself to your customers without worrying about where the next one will appear from?

Only you can answer that..

But if you wish to develop a lead generation system so damn effective it pisses off your competition and your parish priest denounces you from the pulpit, then you need to get on the horn and give me a call right away.

Be warned: I’m not cheap, in fact I’m probably one of the most expensive guys around at what I do.

But if you are still viewing the creation of a lead generation system as an expense, then maybe it’s possible I’m not right for you.

There are plenty of wideboys who’ll pontificate with pointless corporate speak and other meaningless marketing psychobabble. “Buzzword bingo” playing freaks who’ve no business other than watching American Psycho re-runs.

If they’re the folks you’re after, please let me know and I’ll you in their direction.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a lead generation system that will attract customers like crazy and allowing to spend more time on the day to day running of your business, then move those sweet little fingers closer to the blower and dial 087-7426631.

Stay Hungry,

Keith “Your man in Dáil Éireann” Commins

P.S. Unlike other mealy-mouthed web designers and marketers, you’re covered by my lifetime guarantee. That is, for whatever reason you feel value for money hasn’t been delivered, you can ask for every red cent of your hard earned cash back.

All I’ll ask is where to send the refund cheque.

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