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“The Most Powerful Advertising Toolkit Ever Seen”

Got an interesting question from a dude named Paul in Manchester who sent me in this poser for my marketing clinic I’ll be starting in the New Year..

He writes..

“Keith, I’ve been trying to get to grips with copywriting and can’t seem to find a good reference book. Ive got a good gist of the basic principles from reading some of the big names stuff, but as good as they are, I find a lot of what they say to be a bit long winded at times…what I’m looking for is a go-to reference guide I can turn to get info on how to write copy. Any suggestions? Ta, Paul”

Well, ‘twould appear that Paul came to the right place, for the oracle is about to speaketh and dispense his first bootay-kicking piece of advice for anyone looking to make mucho moolah in 2014.

Yes, while the rest of the world is curled up in the foetal position sweating off the Jaeger bombs and the jelly vodkas, you my friend are going to be introduced to the de-facto resource for anyone looking to produce profit-pulling copy.

Let me introduce you to “Cashvertising” by Drew Whitman, a book described by Richard Bayan, author of the brilliant “Words That Sell”, as the “The Most Powerful Advertising Toolkit Ever Seen”.

Despite its quite frankly awful (but admittedly damn effective) moniker, Cashvertising is simply the best all-in-one, pound for pound resource for copywriting out there.

In my expert opinion, there exists no other book out there that manages to distil the very essence of customer psychology and what makes people buy into a single digestible volume, keeping itself accessible and readable into the bargain.

There’s no filler, no fluff; it’s just straight forward “balls-to-the-wall” actionable advice on how to write sizzling copy that sells.

Whitman teaches you to recognise people’s in built desires, and how we as marketers can tap into them.

It breaks down the “science” of why people buy into 17 basic principles, nuggets of cash-creating wisdom worth their weight in gold to your business.

You’ll discover..

  • How to use image captions to draw 200% more readers to your ads..
  • The fatal mistakes you must NEVER make in your advertising..
  • The weird quirk of human nature that draws us more to certain numbers, and how you can profit from it..
  • Effective tricks for writing psychologically explosive headlines..
  • Expert tips, tricks and guidance to crafting money-making copy..
  • ..and much more..

Now, it could be argued there are better books out there on the subject of copywriting, but they’re usually about as much fun to read as the death notices.

None give you the information in such a compact, entertaining and easy to read way.

Nor are there any that act as a “go-to” reference book you can consult time and time again when you need help with copy.

Exactly like our buddy Paul was looking for.

If you need a hand with your copy, I suggest you check it out too.

Take a look at “Cashvertising” on Amazon – Drew Whitman

Stay Hungry,

Keith “The Bootay-Kicking Oracle” Commins

P.S. While “Cashvertising” reads like the menu to my local chipper, my next book is more like the wine list for your typical restaurant Français.

Yes, it’s a tough old leathery bastard to get through, but that’s not the only reason you might want to avoid it. Copies of this book usually go for around $500 on Amazon, if you’re lucky..

Yet, I’m still recommending to you as one of my essential business books for 2014.

Why? Well… stay tuned to find out why..

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