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Eliminate Mindless Marketing Grunt Work Once and For All

I’m going to preface the 10th and final recommendation in my essential business books series with an apology.

Because what I’m going to discuss today is so foundational to your marketing efforts, and it’s that fundamental to any sort of prolonged business success, I should’ve really covered it first.

Yep, for whatever reason I left discussing a resource on marketing systems until last, for which I apologise.

On with the show..

If your business does NOT have a reliable, rock solid system of regularly attracting leads and customers then it’s only a matter of time before it’s in trouble.

I see it every day.

Businesses who for years did well, usually on the strength of a steady stream of referrals, solid word of mouth or perhaps sheer dumb luck, wake up one day to find one day their steady stream of customers slowing to a meek trickle.

Out of sheer desperation they try to “get their brand out there”, usually by aping woefully ineffective “BDC” (aka “Big Dumb Company”) advertising.

They promiscuously place ads all over town, ignorant of their market’s true needs, slovenly asking for the sale like a beggar looking for loose change.

And they’re surprised when nobody bites.

But imagine if they had a system.

A way of marketing that eliminates the need for “manual labour” like mindless prospecting, cold calling and other assorted “grunt work”.

An efficient and affordable lead generation machine that targets your ideal, high value customers or clients who are ready to give you money over and over again.

The complete opposite of wasteful and costly “BDC” mass advertising.

A system which can be turned off and on at will; which, when turned on, delivers a predictable number of leads and customers straight into your hot little hands.

Sort of like your own “marketing gumball” machine.

Put in your 10c and out pops your gumball.

….put in two 10cs and you get 2 pieces of gumball..

That’s what you want to have set up in your business..

And with Dan Kennedy’s “Magnetic Marketing”, that’s exactly what you get.

An end to humiliating cold colds and crushing cold prospecting.

The elimination of fruitless frustrating follow-ups and doors being slammed in your kisser.

And a business where YOU cherry pick whom you wish to do business with, and on what terms.

Indeed, it’s the very system I use myself to attract qualified, ready to buy prospects into my own business.

But at 500 odd dollars, straight out of the gate it’s not going to be for everyone.

Nor is it for business owners wishing to fart around with vague, nebulous nonsense like customer engagement or “brand awareness”.

It’s built for profit – pounds, euros and dollars. Nothing else.

So if a trustworthy means of regularly flooding your business with customers sounds like your bag, then you owe it to yourself to at least check out this link..

Over and out.

Stay Hungry,

Keith “the marketing gumball machine” Commins

P.S. Over the last few weeks I’ve discussed 10 great business books which if used, will put you aeons ahead of Joe Schlub Irish business owner who’s spends his days listening to clueless gurus telling him to build his brand using Twatter and Flakebook.

It gives you the organizational means to start writing profitable marketing pieces that will be seen by the right kind of people, all within a system which spares you the “soul-swallowing siege” of marketing manual labour.

Tomorrow I’ll talk a bit more how we can put it all together.

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