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Discover The Brutal Truth About How Web Designers Place Their Own Reputation Ahead of Your Business’ Profits

  • Meet the pointy-headed “creatives” who are as useful to your business as a full scale IRS audit..
  • Why your wow-inspiring website might be just a pretty palace sitting on quicksand..
  • How an obscure 19th century Italian economist holds the key to your online success..
  • How to exploit a Dead Beatle’s songwriting philosophy to generate massive online cash windfalls..
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How To Handle The “Cruel Mistress” of Paid Traffic

I often get approached by business owners looking to drive traffic to their websites.

But when I tell them my preferred method is paid traffic, they get the heebie-jeebies.

Suddenly they see hellish visions of maxed out credit cards, and dystopian nightmares of Google bludgeoning them to death and torching their business.

Well, I do have some sympathy for this point of view.

While Google isn’t going to burn your business out or owt, if you don’t know what you’re doing it can certainly beat you up and steal your lunch money.

So if you’ve considered using Adwords to drive traffic to your website, today’s seventh business book may be of some interest, “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords”, by Perry Marshall.

Adwords can certainly be a cruel mistress: one moment she’s whispering sweet nothings in your ear, sending you oodles of targeted, “ready-to-buy” traffic, the next she’s scarpered out the door with your credit card, blowing a king’s ransom on designer dresses and swigging cocktails at the local lizard lounge.

If you don’t know how to handle “her”, ”she” will walk all over you…

You see, the “Ultimate Guide” is much more than a mere technical manual to the Adwords interface or a bunch of ninja hacks that try to game Google.

It’s an internet marketing education. And that’s what separates it from the chaff.

It gives you a fundamental understanding of the Adwords buying process which begins the moment your prospect fingers hit her keyword and ends with her pulling the trigger to buy.

Therein lies the crucial difference.

As opposed to some hit and miss keyword research and flinging a bunch of “Hail Mary” ads up and hoping for the best, only to be hit with an Adwords bill worse than Oliver Reed’s average bar tab.

Like what most of your competitors are probably doing..

However if you desire to learn Adwords from the world’s foremost expert, here’s some of what you can expect..

  • How to make your Adwords competition “irrelevant”..
  • Learn how to build an Adwords campaign from scratch, step by step..
  • Avoid paying Google’s “stupidity tax” by setting up your campaigns to be profitable right out of the gate..
  • How to compete when your market is deathly expensive..
  • Seize your customers attention by “echoing” his inner conversation right back at him…
  • How to set up your website so that Google “rewards” you with lower cost per clicks, giving you higher profits..
  • How to use the 80/20 principle to save money on clicks..

..and a whole bunch mo’..

Considering that this book contains enough information to build a fully functioning business from scratch, quite why it only costs as much as a round of pints down the pub is a mystery to me.

But ours is not to reason why, chico..

If you have any skin in the Adwords game, this book needs to be a permanent fixture on your desk.

Stay Hungry,

Keith Commins

P.S. With Perry Marshall’s “Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” you’ll learn the principles of driving paid traffic to your website, but it won’t teach you how your site should look to ensure you best capitalize on this traffic..

To answer that question tomorrow I’ll discuss an arcane book known only to egghead designers like me, nonetheless its knowledge is every bit as valuable as any of the books I’ve hitherto discussed.

Don’t touch that dial.

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