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Repugnant “Cock-a-Hoop” Guests At Parties

Ever been at a party and come across someone who just won’t shut up about themselves?

Just how amazing a life he leads? How great his job is? A dude who name drops to beat the band?

A “cock-a-hoop” blowhard in other words. A shameless braggart.

We’ve all met them, and perhaps you’re closely acquainted with one yourself.

But try as I might, I can’t really condemn these sorts.

I regard them as lacking basic social intelligence, that’s all.

They aren’t bad people as such.

Merely blissfully ignorant, if you will. I think this way because under the surface we’re all self-obsessed, narcissistic creatures.

ALL of us. We’re all automatically hard-wired this way. It’s hard-coded into our DNA.

There are no exceptions.


No special snowflakes, babycakes…

Whether it’s Mother Teresa, Bernie Madoff or Bertie Ahern, everyone is looks out for number one first and foremost.

So when I see companies brag about themselves on their websites, on a logical level I get where they’re coming from..

It’s only natural. It’s the animal with the “selfish gene” talking.

But our own “selfish gene” finds this repulsive.

Our primordial, primal self doesn’t care. “It” wants to know what can be done to help “itself.”

So when a company says they’re the best in town, it’s no different to the our “cock-a-hoop” friend at our mates birthday bash.

Or when a big business says they pride themselves on their decades of experience and expertise, it’s no different to telling the assembled throng at a soiree about your yachting skills.

It’s all about their businesses and their own egos, and not about you.

There’s nothing about how they can fix someone’s issues. Little to demonstrate that understand their customer’s pain.

Scant regard is given to empathy of their particular wants and needs.

Instead we’re treated to an obnoxious braggadocio bellowing loudly to anyone who’ll listen just how great he is.

Are you guilty of this ? Are you that same braggadocio?

Do you make that mistake in your website copy?

Count how many mentions there are of “we” and “us”. How often do they appear? Then see how many mentions there are to “you” , “yours” and other similar words.

Are there many? Is it all about you, and not them?

If there is such language, it’s safe to assume that your prospect will be visiting your website and thumbing its nose at your lack of understanding.

The conversation she’s having in her head about just how much her wisdom tooth is killing her won’t be addressed. Nowhere does she see how that pain can be relieved.

Instead she witnesses reams of endless credentialing and boasting.

Nothing that tells her that here are the people to ease her suffering. Or understand just what she’s going through.

So she scurries over to the back button as fast as her fingers can carry her to get her the hell out of there.

In search of a business that embraces direct response marketing and web design.

A place that demonstrates an intuitive understanding of their clients wants, needs and desires.

A safe haven where the customer is put first, not the business.

If you’d like to find out how you can make the web into your very own little “safe haven” for your customers then you need to give me, Keith Commins, a call on 087-7426631.

Braggarts and blowhards need not apply.

Stay Hungry,

Keith “self-obsessed” Commins

PS: I got a few emails yesterday wondering who this “Dan Kennedy” dude was.

Suffice to say, if you’re a savvy entrepreneur or a small business owner looking to know how to market yourself, he really is the go-to guy. If you’re not using his material, then you’re truly missing out.

He’s taught me everything I know, and is a world away from the stuffy, corporate-style bullshit you will usually hear being spewed out of the mouths of “brand consultants” and other such assorted creeps.

He gives you no nonsense, actionable strategies that you can use in your business right now to make your sales sky-rocket and put money in your back pocket.

Similar to the strategies you will hear from me, if you care to stick around. I wholeheartedly suggest you do, ‘cuz the fun is just getting started….

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