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Time Pink Floyd

Close To Orgasm After Saving A Cool €120

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.

Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town

Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

Time, Dark Side of The Moon, Pink Floyd


Remember when the gubbermint slapped an extra euro in duty on a bottle of wine a few years back….

…..resulting in mobs of wine-starved stooges lining up like lemmings to buy up in bulk the last of the pre-increase wine?

Or how about the cross border shopping craze that went down a few years ago?

When hoards of hapless price conscious drones headed North to take advantage of the currency differential to “save” money on their shopping?

Madness, right?

I remember one of them was interviewed on the boob tube after stumbling out of a Belfast shopping centre.

She was positively close to orgasm after saving a cool €120 on a few weeks worth of shopping.

But never did she stop to think about how she valued her time.

Time used to complete a trip which could have been better used to read any number of profit-producing books which would put her on the way to ending the time-for-money trade for good.

Instead she gave away her time cheaper than a back-alley brasser gives away her virtue.

But we entrepreneurs shouldn’t be so quick to mock.

You see, there are many that may laugh at such antics one minute and then proceed to engage in classic time sucking behaviors the next.

They laugh at the masses trundling across the border, yet spend weeks on SEO when they could just buy the damn traffic and be done with it.

Or build websites that are excessively ornate and overly complicated, investing weeks and weeks of their precious time into an overcomplicated animal that does the online equivalent of spending their days trundling across the border looking for deals on groceries.

As a entrepreneur, time is your most precious asset.

No matter whom you are or how hard you work, you’ll never get more than your allotted amount.

The rules are the same for as Warren Buffet as the bum on the street. Both get the same amount, but ultimately use the same time resources they’ve been handed in starkly different ways.

Warren Buffet’s big secret isn’t that he gets 30 hours per day and 8 days per week, but he values his time like a mofo.

He’s ruthless with it, just like you should be…

…as should your website be also..

If it’s not being used to attract qualified, interested leads into your business’ sales funnel with the minimum amount of fuss as quickly as possible, then a chat is most certainly in order.

Start truly appreciating your most valuable asset today

Stay Hungry,

Keith “The Time-Starved Stooge” Commins

P.S. To really understand the “time is scarce” mindset, I suggest you read Dan Kennedy’s “No BS Time Management”.

It’s classic Dan Kennedy insofar as it’s less about the mechanics of time management and more about adopting a ruthless “don’t waste my time” attitude, giving forth brilliant advice on how to deal with time vampires, information overload and a myriad of other crucial entrepreneurial time management topics.

Highly recommended.

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