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No USP - The Definition of Insanity

A Beacon of Hope In a Sea of Mediocrity

Looks like my post yesterday ruffled a few feathers.

Top of the hate pile is this irate email from a gentleman named Mike.

Here’s what went down..


I find your attitude beggars believe really.You have a business owner who’s came to you looking for a quote to get work done , possibly struggling and you insult him. Quite honestly I’m amazed anyone does business with you with that attitude”

Hmm. Well.. I didn’t insult anyone actually.

However I did offer up some brutal honesty. I was certainly forthright.

You see, the passive-aggressive “beating around the bush” approach gets nobody anywhere.

However brutal honesty does.

When there’s money on the table, it’s the way it has to be. I’m no use to any business owner whispering sweet nothings in their ear, and NOT giving them the brutal truth about how things are.

Would you rag on a doc for giving a bloke the bad news about a shadow on his lungs?

You certainly wouldn’t. I’m no different. The truth ain’t always pleasant to hear.

But back to our buddy yesterday.

He can either do one of two things. He can curse and swear about how much of a wanker I was, and go onto Joe Duffy and let himself loose. He can keep doing the same nonsense over and over again, expecting things to be different.

I think my man Einstein had a phrase for that. Oh yeah… “The Definition Of Insanity”.

Or else he can have the good sense to take on board what I said and actually start making his business different.

He could sit down and think about how to position his business so it sticks out like a beacon of hope in a sea of mediocrity.

He might think about creating a compelling ballsy offer that would make his competitors drop dead with terror.

Or he could uniquely position himself within his market as the one business who absolutely, positively promises NOT to do the things an industry is notorious for doing, like solicitors overcharging, builders..well being builders..etc…

And who knows — maybe the actions he undertakes as a result of taking onboard what I said might eventually lead to him becoming the dominate player in his market.

So if getting business owners to think about these crucial matters means I’ve an attitude, then I guess I’m guilty.

Now if you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time you’ll know my stance on a business’ “Unique Selling Proposition”.

How it’s vital to any businesses long term success.

Tell me, have you done anything yet this year to make your business stand out from the crowd?

Or are you still doing the same things over and over again, hoping for different results?

What would your boy Einstein say of your business if he saw it?

Lets hope he wouldn’t be reaching for his notebook.

Stay Hungry,

Keith “The Shining Beacon” Commins

P.S. Well, maybe you HAVE decided to things differently, and are sick and tired of being the very “definition of insanity”. The first thing you need to start thinking of is a lead generation system.

And a vital cog in this lead generation machine is having a web site that gives you the very best chance of converting as many visitors that happen upon it.

For such an animal, you need direct response web design.

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