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Only Your Market Matters

It Sticks Out Like A Hard-On At a Nudist Wedding

Had an interesting discussion over the weekend with a few mates down ye olde pub.

As a bunch of lads who work straight 9-5 jobs, the entrepreneurial lifestyle often has ‘em curious.

Asking questions. Inquisitive. Just aching to know more…

‘Specially when drunk.

Talk soon turned to my website, and how it sticks out like a hard-on a nudist wedding amongst the buzzword-bingo playing bozos that pass for marketers and web designers knocking around at the moment.

Their general consensus was it was a touch funny.

And too “in your face”.

Plenty of other opinions were tossed about in the ensuing hubbub, a debate liberally sprinkled with plenty of “I don’ts”, an unhealthy dash of “I dislikes” and peppered with more “I dunno’s” than I care to remember.

Me? I just laughed, and afforded myself a wry smirk.

You see, here’s the thing: what an individual or small sample of people think of your website or anything to do with your marketing matters little.

Even you. To tell you the truth, you probably matter least of all..

Sure, everybody is entitled to their own opinions about they like and dislike, but they ain’t entitled to their own facts.

Like how my site has been rigorously tested to ensure maximum possible response from the right kind of people.

Or how every word has carefully pondered over, all with the aim of being most appealing most to my chosen audience.

So, my market are the only folks I give two hoots about.

NOT some drunken geezer down the pub.

Nor an errant malcontent with an axe to grind.

And the only way to know what your really market wants is to test.

It’s the one and only opinion that matters, and if it’s giving you the results you desire then to hell with everyone else.

Here endeth the lesson.

Stay Hungry,

Keith “The Naked Marketer” Commins

P.S. If you’re a ballsy entrepreneur who cares not for the fancies of irrelevant malcontents but rather focuses on the one and only thing of importance to any serious business owner, that of profit, then you owe it yourself to grab yourself some sweet direct response web design loving.

As a direct response web designer, I’m the only guy in Ireland who makes ’em with profit in mind. So if actual profit is your thing, as opposed to wishy-washy voodoo like brand awareness, then you need to get in touch.

Grab it while the grabbin’s good..

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