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IFTA Award Winning Director Speaks Out About Pearl Design

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s email, I’ve got another question from a decidedly UNDER-whelmed subscriber.

He wants to know..

“Keith, your email this morning got me thinking. A guarantee does sound good I admit. But guarantee or not, just because you offer one doesn’t mean you deliver. While what you offer sounds great in theory, I’m not wholly convinced.”

Well, you know what? I don’t blame him.

I mean, you only have my word for it, don’t you? So it’s not something I can really comment on outright.

Instead, I’ll leave it up to a couple of my clients to tell you themselves…

First up is Cormac Hargadon, owner of IFTA award winning TV production company Loosehorse, producer of RTE shows like “Joe Brolly – Perfect Match”, “The Scholarship”, “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “The Naked Election”.

A fairly successful chap by anyone’s standards…

…and WELL respected in his field…

Here’s what he has to say…

“We had a valued client of our business who approached us and was in need of a website that was going to showcase his strengths and his track record to a very specific audience.

It wasn’t a skillset we had so we sent him to Keith and Pearl Design, we acted as an intermediary to build a website solution for him. This particular individual was a relatively high profile celebrity and Pearl Design came up with a solution that was tailor made in terms of discretion, in terms of showcasing his strengths , in terms of an understanding of the very specific audience he was trying to target.

So there was understanding of the brief which was exceptional and it showed in the results. Our client came back to us and was absolutely delighted. The particular audience he was trying to target came back with incredible feedback about the content of the site and the way it showcased his track record and his strengths. This particular client never before realised how much of a marketing asset a website and all the associated solutions that go with that in terms of profile, in terms of video etc.

It really opened his eyes to how he marketed himself and his business. It was a very positive experience in that Pearl Design reached a new client, our client was exceptionally an most important we enhanced our relationship with one of our most valued clients.”


But that’s just one example..

My man Tom Coady, CSC Shipping head honcho had this to tell…

“I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Pearl Design at the beginning, as everything Keith told me was the complete opposite of what we’d been doing already. We used to do well enough from our old website, getting business from as far away as China, but we felt we could be doing more. However, he eventually won us over to his way to thinking. With our new website and online marketing strategy we’ve had an increase in business of the order of 27%”

You see, the reason my clients trust me is simple: I know what their business challenges are, their frustrations, their hopes, needs and desires.

I understand that their real reason for needing help online, whether it’s driving traffic or a better website: is simply to have a more profitable business.

My job is NOT to bore them to death with technical jargon, bamboozle them with buzzwords or to bulk up my portfolio.

Instead my brief is to produce a website that has customer attraction and conversion as its main focus, and nothing else.

Listen, I exist in one of the most saturated niches in the world, one with some of the most cutthroat competition known to mankind.

An industry where anyone can sit down on a Monday morning with a lynda.com tutorial and call themselves a web designer by Tuesday evening.

There are many of these specimens out there.

And they charge appropriate prices to boot.

However, it’s quite a different thing to understand how to build an online asset that repeatedly brings you customers and leads over time.

Or to be keenly aware of the customer sales cycle from the moment the notion of buying enters their cute little heads, to when they decide to click that button to buy.

So if you require a website that’s more than a pretty placeholder for your business, or one that’s more than a brochure aiming to build positive “brand awareness” then the first step you need to need to undertake is to apply for a consultation.

Your journey starts right here

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week.

Stay Hungry,


P.S. Just a quick reminder about my guarantee. It’s iron-clad, which means I won’t quibble if for whatever reason you happen to be dissatisfied, or are in any way unhappy.

Now IT IS dependent on me being alive at the time you go to seek your refund.

So it’s probably fair I should mention that little caveat.

But the grim reaper aside, your work is unequivocally guaranteed for life.

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