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My Uncensored Opinion On Digital Marketing

I woke up this morning feeling particularly chipper, so I said to myself, “how can this wonderful morning possibly get any better?”

Well, many things crossed my mind.

Freebase some freshly imported Columbian marching powder?

Spending the morning winning big at the craps table?

Tempting as those two possibilities were, there was only one thing for it.

Write a post about some of my favourite folks out there: digital “marketers”.

They are a funny breed, really they are.

They remind me of the town clown who wanders around three sheets to the wind before lunch time, so out of touch with reality he put his trousers on the wrong way round when he dressed himself that morning.

And like our sartorially challenged town clown, digital marketers usually end up getting it ass-backwards in terms of how they market.

They take the medium first (some variety of social media usually), and try to fashion it around whatever it is they are selling. Scant attention is paid to whether the medium is any way suitable for what they are trying to sell, or whether or not their message resonates with their audience.

These important little titbits are usually just glossed over in favour of “engaging” the living daylights out of anyone who crosses their paths.

It’s just a case of “getting their brand out there” via as many online channels as possible.

There’s no understanding of what motivates their prospects to buy.

Their unique set of circumstances that have shaped their lives the way they are now.

Entering the conversation that’s happening inside their customers head is ignored, in favour of a relentless bombardment of branding upon their attention starved prospects.

Does it ever work ?

Of course. But like the saying goes, “even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

And if you’ve money to burn and a legion of young interns in your organisation to fritter away time on Twitter, then go for it.

Odds are you don’t though, and as such you’ve gotta be wise about you spend your money and more importantly your time (because whatever about money, you ain’t never getting back that wasted time ever again, baby.. )

You’re going to be looking for maximum value from your marketing efforts, whether it’s offline or online. Results will be of paramount importance to you, and I’m guessing that if you are going to spend Y, then you will be expecting a return of Y+X, am I correct?

Then I’d imagine you’ll be looking for accountability with your marketing, rather than airy-fairy branding. Well, if this is true, then it all begins with your website.

A website which has customer buying psychology as its main focus, one that sets out it’s stall as a solver of customer problems, not a pretty piece of online art.

It’s the pillar of the local community, a tireless champion of the locality that truly understands it’s people.

One that works non-stop to ensure their needs are met and their desires are realised.

Someone that has the sense to puts his trousers on the right way round, and do things correctly.

Rather than the pathetic drunk who gets everything back to front, and is universally pitied and pilloried while he wanders around the town with his trousers on the wrong way ‘round.

So who would be rather be associated with, the town drunk or the pillar of the community?

If it’s the latter, you know what to do. Call 087-7426631 to make an appointment today.

Stay hungry,

Keith “Pillar of the Community” Commins

P.S. Accountability is bloody rare these days. Whether it is greasy politicos or even greasier marketing executives, it seems being responsible for one’s efforts is a long forgotten concept. However, by very definition direct response marketing and web design must produce a return, or else it hasn’t done its job.

Otherwise, it’s about as much use as a politician’s promise or, even worse, a marketing executives branding strategy.

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