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Glossy-Eyed Gurus Bringing Empty New Year Cheer

All week they’ve been flying in thick and fast.

Popping up everywhere like herpes sores on a brassers bottom.

Who are these creatures I speaketh of?

Why the “ra-ra” rabble rousers.

Glossy-eyed gurus bringing forth cheer about how 2014 will be “my year”.

Pulling out all the stops to get me pumped-up, about the year coming up.

Well I dunno about you but 2013 has a bit to go for me before the curtains come down on it, but how and ever..

But if you’re one of those businesses owners who’s winding down for the year and is about to go home and get fat on cheap carbs, turkey and truffles, I hope 2013 was a great year for you.

However if it was a year you’d rather forget, or even one that you think you could improve upon, then I want to leave you with one final thought..

One of systems.

You must have them..

Chances are if your business is functional to any great degree, you’ll have at least a couple.

And the most important of them all is your marketing system.

If you don’t have a reliable means of attracting abundant numbers of qualified prospects into your business, then sooner or later you will run into trouble.

It’s only a matter of time.

But before you put the pieces together, you gotta establish the blueprint.

Why someone would chose you over another business. What sort of customers you wish to attract.

Who is your ideal customer. Who do you not within a thousand miles of your business.

They’re the first steps.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I tend not to tow the line when it comes to business, marketing and web design.

So you won’t hear me spout any “let’s make 2014 a year to remember” type nonsense.

Listen, as a responsible adult, you either know what you have to know next year, or you don’t.

No amount of chest-beating, “ra-ra” posturing and motivational mumbo-jumbo is going to change that fact.

But before you head home for the Chrimbo, I’ll leave you with one thing to mull over while your hot little hands swig back the evening’s fifth goblet of Hennessy: start designing your marketing systems so you have a reliable and steady means of attracting customers and clients into your business.

And who ever said I’d no festive cheer in me? ‘Tis all lies I tell thee..

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas.

Stay Hungry,

Keith “Systematic” Commins

P.S. Drawing up an entire marketing system from scratch is a daunting task, and doing it alone is no easy feat.

So if you are looking for help with it all, it’s entirely possible I might be able to able to help you, but then again I might not. You see, my prices have been often cited in many a coroner’s “cause of death” reports, and I’m rather choosy about whom I work with.

But if you reckon your ticker can handle it, and you’re serious about developing a system which attracts leads and clients like crazy, then you know where to go.

P.P.S. Gonna be bored over Christmas? Need something a distraction from your drunken uncle slobbering over the Christmas pud in a sherry induced slumber? Well, dinnae worry, babae. Keep an eye on your inbox for some daily nuggets of helpful wisdom from yours truly. What it’s going to be, well, you’ll just to sign up to see, wont you?

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