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Daily Emails

How Lifting Puny Weights Can Help You Write Daily Emails

Just started back lifting weights after a 3 month hiatus.

That’s proper raw iron, not “Mickey Mouse” bodyweight exercises or crappy kettlebells.

BUT — I’ve not set any goals yet.

I’ve not gone and decided “I want to gain a stone in muscle by such and such a date” or anything like that.

Nor have I any idea what kind of weight I’m lifting, or keeping tabs on the number of reps I’m doing.

I’m just lifting…and lovin’ it…at least for the moment anyways.

Because in my opinion setting personal achievement goals straight off the bat is often a waste of time…..

….unless the habit has been formed first.

With no pressure.

Or expectations.

It’s better to establish some sort of groove, any groove, and build from there.

And it’s the same with regular emails baby..

For those new to the daily email thang and who’re a touch put off by it I offer up this advice: treat it like your first day at the gym. Show up, lift a few puny weights, stretch your legs and do five minutes on the treadmill.

Don’t worry about hitting any targets, or trying to gain a certain level of fitness. Just show up and play. Ease yourself into it until the “dread” of hitting the gym subsides.

Ditto for email – forget about strategy, or how many sales you may get, or anything of that nature.

Just crank out something half decent.

But when you’re writing them on a regular basis, then you can worry about what you hope to achieve with your emails.

Stay Hungry,


P.S. Whatever about doing weights or writing daily emails, a website not designed with any goals in mind will be as useful to your business as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy arse.

The only reason any sane business should have a website is to generate leads, create customers and to produce cold hard cash, and if it’s not doing at least one of those things on a regular basis I’m afraid it’s no more than an online Bertie Bowl.

However for web design that will actually do something for your business, like for instance make it some money or get it some real, live customers then you need to pick up that phone and call 087-7426631 today to grab a proper profit-producing website for your business.

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