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The Copywriting Gun Under Your Pillow

Yesterday I left you to mull over a “leathery old bastard” that costs hundreds of smackers to buy on Amazon.

Of which I made little effort to persuade you to check out.

I told you it was expensive and difficult to read, unlike yesterday’s book Cashvertising which is a brilliant (and very accessible) book on the subject of copywriting.

So, if you’re reading this post wanting to know more, I gotta say I’m impressed.

It means in spite of my nonchalance, you’re eager to learn more about the business of copywriting, and how you can use it to produce profit.

But Gene Schwartz’s “Breakthrough Advertising” is no ordinary throwaway book on copywriting…

It’s a commitment.

They say the best marksmen sleep with their gun under their pillow, with the aim of bonding with their weapon so it becomes a living, breathing extension of themselves.

As opposed to some toy they pick up once in a while to do damage.

And if you’re serious, this is what this book must mean to you.

It must become your copywriting gun under your pillow.

Cashvertising teaches you how to create good solid ads that produce profit for your business.

But there are very few books that can teach you how to think like a top copywriter.

Which is why this book is tough going.

It’s less about techniques and tricks, but more about burning the “deep inner game” of how to write copy that sells into your subconscious, etching it into your brain’s neural pathways and your hand’s muscle memory, so that writing fluid, explosive copy becomes second nature.

When I first read “Breakthrough Advertising”, I walked away decidedly unimpressed. As a predominantly left-brained bloke, I’m all about the hacks, the tricks and the lines.

Looking back, I just wasn’t ready (and it’s possible you won’t be yet either..)

I remember paying only mere lip service to crucial copywriting lessons like….

“Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exists in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product.”

….but I didn’t dig ’em at a deep core level.

And my copy sucked as a result.

That’s what this book will give you. It hardwires your brain so lessons like the above become second nature.

Leaving aside its eye-wateringly expensive price tag, it’s a heavy duty commitment, and it’s not for everyone.

Chances are Cashvertising (and others I’ll recommend) will prove enough for most businesses to stand head and shoulders above their rivals.

By understanding what they teach, you’ll be light years ahead of your competitors who run self-obsessed trash which masquerades as advertising.

Benefit-bereft garbage that offers no discernible reason for anyone to buy their product, existing only to stroke the egos of advertising agency “creatives” and their clueless clients.

But give “Breakthrough Advertising” the dogged persistence it deserves, studiously taking notes of how “lizard brain” customer psychology works, taking care to diligently return to this weighty tome again and again to let Schwartz’s timeless principles sink in, you’ll be able to count yourselves amongst the Elite.

It’s tough work, but I’ve every faith in you.

Your ticket to copywriting nobility is here

Stay Hungry,

Keith “Ol’ Leathery Bastard” Commins

P.S. Next up, I’m going to move away from copywriting and marketing for a hot little moment to return to a principle I’ve discussed time and time again, but because it’s just too damn important, it needs to be revisited.

Make sure you tune into tomorrow to get the full skinny..

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