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Bloody murder in The Land of Smiles

Recently I’ve been knee deep in bloody murder, and so far I’ve getting away with it.

Yes, here in the land of smiles known as Thailand, I’ve been in the business of killing a lot of time.

You see, travel does that to you, it leaves you with little else to do except eat anodyne airline swill and consume shoddy schlock.

I’ve read books on fat British expats holed up in sweaty Thai prisons for drug smuggling.

I’ve devoured weighty tomes on the delicate arts of Isaan cuisine while army propaganda movies boom in the background, replete with teenage soldiers all marching in step towards some greater glory.

And it ‘twas after watching yet another tear-jerking Thai soap opera I scurried off to my laptop to find something else to watch, this time I found a film from home called Intermission.

It interweaves through many different narratives involving brutal cops, brown sauce beverages and bus crashes, culminating in a bank robbery.

The plot itself really is insignificant, and the film is made by its dark humour and outlandish Dublin wit.

Including one scene where one of the main protagonists Oscar hooks up with a recent divorcee, and they engage in bouts of intense S&M.

Pain slash pleasure, Oscar tells us.

How to get to the real pleasure, you gotta experience pain first.

It’s a tidbit of truth I found myself chewing over recently.

Pain slash pleasure.

Now please don’t take this literally and start indulging in kinky just ‘cos Uncle Keith told ya so.

Not unless that sort of thing is what gets your motor runnin’..

Hey, if an evening with Miss Whiplash is what does it for you, who am I to judge?

But it would behoove you to be wary of the pain slash pleasure principle next time you’re knee deep in a project that’s about as much fun as an AA meeting for accountants.

How you often need to suffer to get to the real pleasure.

Just like Oscar did.

Anyways, that’s my thought for the day.

Stay Hungry,


P.S. If you have a couple of hours to kill and fancy goofing off, you could do worse by checking out Intermission here..


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