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“You Gotta Love Livin’, Baby, ‘Cause Dyin’ Is a Pain in the Ass”

“You gotta love livin’, baby, ’cause dyin’ is a pain in the ass”
Frank Sinatra

I wanna talk to you about my boy Sinatra for a minute.

A purveyor of timeless, seminal music, a dude with a glint in his eye the ladies found irresistible who knew how to throw down and party.

A legend, in anyone’s eyes, I would think.

Now’s while there’s a lot to love about “Old Blue Eyes” for sure, there’s one thing I particularly admired about the ‘aul rogue: he never moved his own piano.

Aside from sitting down to play it, he never touched the bloody thing.

The “Chairman of The Board” was hip to the importance of delegation, and sticking to what he does best: singing and entertaining (not forgetting partying and rampant womanizing also.. )

He didn’t mess around with anything which wasn’t his bread and butter, whether it was the on-stage sound, the lighting or the piano itself.

He just showed up and played.

He let others who were better suited to the more mundane tasks do them instead, those who could do them better and more efficiently.

He just concentrated on the important stuff.

So tell me, how are you behaving in your business?

Are you more of a “Chairman” or a chambermaid?

Do you spend your days on high-value tasks, or do you find yourself toiling through the mill of €10/hour drudgery?

Now maybe all is rosy in your business with how you spend your time, and that’s cool…

But what about outside your business?

Things like queuing at the dry cleaning, ironing and cooking are all things be can outsourced.

Time thieves that sap you of your potency, precious energy that could be used to greater effect with your family, friends… or just on yourself.

What about your website?

Is it draining of all of your time?

Do you find yourself working overtime to get anyone to actually visit the thing?

And if do they visit, do they turn their noses up at what you serve up only to scurry off to your competitors?

It’s possible, just like “the Chairman”, you need to leave it to someone else who’s better disposed to get them visitors for you.

A specialist who can get you back doing those high value tasks like attending to your clients, and maintaining your relationships with those close to you.

Or maybe it’s rampant womanizing and carousing.

Hey, I’m not one to judge!

If you’d like to get off the hamster wheel of low-value tedium and get back to what you enjoy doing best, then you need to embrace “direct response” web design with joyous abandon, and let it take care of your lead generation and sales producing efforts.

Stay Hungry

Keith “Chairman” Commins,

PS: I’m a bit of a junky when it comes to biz books, and the one I’m about to recommend for you now is quite frankly essential reading for any entrepreneur. It’s called the “E-Myth”, written by a gentleman named Michael Gerber.

The book explores a familiar them for most entrepreneurs , ie how to extract yourself from the day to day running’s of their businesses with the ultimate aim of having a business which effectively runs without you.

Not easy granted, but this book shows you the way to do it.

And its starts by assigning a monetary value to your time and doing only tasks which reward you to that particular value, wherever possible.

Go forth, and start making plans to work on your business, not in your business.

Isn’t that why you started it in the first place?

The E-Myth – Michael Gerber

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