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How An Old Janet Jackson Number Could Be Just The Ticket For Your Ailing Business

Poor auld Janet.

I don’t think her career has ever been the same since that infamous ‘BoobGate’ scandal at the Superbowl a few years back. Conservative America was shocked and her support dwindled and I don’t think her stock ever really recovered. While I was never her biggest fan or anything , she does have once particular career highlight that could definitely be of value to all struggling businesses.


Janet Jackson – What Have You Done for Me Lately??

At the beginning , Janet passionately defends her suitor in spite of her buddy’s protestations.

‘Buh ..Buh Janeh , wha’ has he done for you lahlie?? ( Sorry couldn’t help but translate that in raw native Dublinese )

Her friend is decidedly unimpressed by the festival of fun that Janet would have her believe is being provided for her by her suitor and claims that he’s not doing enough for her.

And we business owners are falling into that trap of being that very boyfriend , day in , day out.

Everywhere I see business owner rabbit on about how long they’ve been in business , how they have a showroom a gazillion acres in size or how they shifted more units than Jesus made fishes.

Who cares.

What you have done for your customer lately ??

They don’t give a flying feck about how big your office is. They don’t care how long you’ve been in business. They just want to know what it is can you do for them. Period.  Everything you talk about about in your sales copy, your website copy should be about making this crystal clear.

Now I’m not saying that you completely neglect to tell people a small bit about the finer details of your business. Just don’t let  it be your focus , m’kay??

It’s just a shame that Janet’s then squeeze didn’t focus more on her problems rather than repeatedly standing her up to go hang out with the lads .

Otherwise he might still be with her.

And who knows  maybe,  just maybe , that business down  the street that liked to brag about its 50 man sales team, well you know , might still in business.

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